Fun Home Interior Design Games for Adults: 10 Recommended Games

The home interior design games for adults are seemingly not designed for the home design professionals, but for any amateurs who love designing and decorating their home. They can build a new home or transferring their current house into their dream home. Different from the other common games that are destructive, these examples of design your own house game invites you to design and to build home.

10 Top Home Interior Design Games for Adults

One among home interior design games for adults is The Sims 3. In this game, there is a part where the gamers need to build a home and decorate the home. The game also includes home furnishing and some architectural projects that can be played by the users. The next game is the Harvest Moon. The game is indeed, not completely a home design game. It has a plot starting from farming, getting married and owning a home. The part of owning home is completed with some decorating options.home interior design games for adults_1

Design This Home is other home interior design games for adults that enable the players to have a virtual home. They are provided with several floor plans options. The floor plans are completed with 9 rooms that the players can decorate. This game is also categorized as one of recommended fun room design games due to its 700 available furniture items. Another interesting game is the Animal Crossing. The best part of this game is when the users need to design their home and keep it. The score represents how well the players decorate the home.

Home Sweet Home is other attractive home interior design games for adults that deal with some home decoration aspects. The players seem to be a home professional. They receive some tasks by hearing certain orders from homeowners to build their home. The players do not build their own dream home, but build someone’s home. Playstation Home is a free home for everyone who has a Playstation 3 and internet connection. The game is about living in a virtual city. The players interact with others and they build their own virtual apartment.home interior design games for adults_2

The next interesting home design home interior design games for adults for adult is the Fable 3. In this game, there is a part when the players are demanded to build some castles and cottages including the interiors. However, the main objective of this game is not to build the properties, but to sell them at higher price. One of the realistic interior design games is Second Life. In this game, gamers will have an ability to own or to create their imaginative home. It is completed with satisfying features including the decorations and furniture. What makes the game more interesting is that the available items in the game are equivalent with the items in the real world.

The last two home interior design games for adults are the Rune Factory and Home Design Story. Rune Factory provides unique experience of maintaining a home without neglecting the need of saving the world. The Home Design Story represents the real human life. The players start with small home, but they have some opportunities to redesign and modify their home. They can get larger spaces and more decorating options.

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