Ideas of Home Design UK Living Room with Luxury Look

If you prefer displaying some old stuff in your living room but you are afraid of old-fashioned look, it is better for you to consider home design UK, especially the living room interior design in UK style. UK is famous for its classic furniture. The furniture adds luxury look of the home interior. The look is supported with the carving and covering. It does not mean that you need to combine it with some other classic elements because combining it with some modern touches will result something whimsical.home design uk_5

Redesigning Living Room with Home Design Ideas UK

First, you need to pay attention to the interior painting. For a bold traditional style home design UK, yellowish wall painting is perfect. It represents the trend of 16th to 17th century. It will be better to be completed with wallpapers. However, modern interior prefer having white or gray painting than those wall designs. Sometimes, the wall is completed with stone accent or exposed brick. When the traditional wall is full of decorative items, the current contemporary trend of wall design is different. It requires sleek look with minimalist touches and additions.

Besides the walling, flooring is another aspect to consider. One of the most popular flooring designs is wooden flooring. It will be an excellent alternative to match some other natural accents, such as wooden panel on the wall or stone walling. However, some contemporary home design UK projects prefer using white glossy flooring. Reflective floor completes the interior design UK with easy to clean look. It is also a good selection for small UK homes. White represents more spacious feel.home design uk_6

There are some ceiling designs of home design UK that can be applied for the living room. The simple flat ceiling without custom touches is a good option for minimalist interior. For more stylish look, tray ceiling with hidden decorative lights is currently popular. However, if you want to create a bold traditional look, coffered, domed or vaulted ceiling can be the alternative. Of course, ceiling will not be separated from lighting fixtures. You need to consider hidden lights for tray ceiling, chandelier for domed ceiling, recessed lights for coffered or flat ceiling, etc.home design uk_9

Furniture plays an important role in succeeding the home interior design. Furniture UK is well known with its sophisticated carvings. Some modern UK furniture designs do not show detail sculptures. They offer sleek look with curvy lining. Most of the furniture designs are completed with wood material. For certain purposes, wood is paired with steel, iron and glass. For a more elegant home design UK interior look, some pieces of furniture, especially the seating units are covered with fabric cloth.

Home interior of home design UK will not be complete without interior decoration. Light also supports the decoration so that it should be correctly opted and installed. Some other decorative items representing UK style is framed wall mirror, patterned rugs, mats or curtains, and decorative wall trims. Most of them refer to traditional interior look. For the contemporary style interior, adding rug is enough. You can also have some of those items without presenting clutter look on wall.

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